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Tampa, Florida, July 1, 2020 - Rick Nelson, founder and owner of The Fulfillment Lab, Inc., a fulfillment marketing company that combines expedited shipping, order transparency and complete customization is expanding its original company footprint by adding a new fulfillment facility in the state of Ohio.

The Fulfillment Lab, Inc. took root in Tampa, Florida in 2012 when Nelson and a colleague began to research eCommerce businesses and fulfillment as a new venture. In the midst of the fact finding mission, Nelson immediately noticed that there was little to no visibility for clients as to what was driving inventory. “I could see that the clients utilizing fulfillment facilities needed new e-shopping carts and new ways to track inventory, so we began looking at software packages to start our fulfillment company. While doing our research, we saw a huge gap in the software. None of the software packages really got it right. They were glorified Warehouse Management Systems (WMS),” he said. Nelson knew that they needed to give clients insight into their inventory and new ways to increase their sales.

“Everyone thought I was crazy for getting into the fulfillment business,” he said. “But I was ready for the challenge—fulfillment solutions providers would try to sell us their software packages, I just wasn’t interested in their limited capabilities. We set out to write our own software. Although the first inception had higher bandwidth, it didn’t meet my expectations,” he said.

After eight years in business and numerous software iterations, Nelson eventually bought out his original partners and is now the sole proprietor with his own proprietary software, Global Fulfillment Software™. The marketing data The Fulfillment Lab is able to gather provides insight into the fulfillment process, so their clients can customize their packaging to provide an entirely unique experience that increases brand awareness and end-consumer loyalty.

As stated in an interview with Grit Daily:

“We have the number-one fulfillment software for eCommerce in the world. There are things we are doing at our fulfillment facilities that no one else is doing. We take data from the front end of the sales funnel to gain more data on customer purchases.” The company began to see a space for their clients to enhance sales by using marketing fulfillment advertising. “It’s another arm for us to market for our clients and promote future sales,” said Nelson.

Nelson acknowledges the difficulty in running a fulfillment facility because they are becoming so abundant throughout the United States. He stated, “eCommerce clients need to expect more from their fulfillment facility. If Amazon markets their packaging, why aren’t you?” The Fulfillment Lab is taking things a step further by looking at creating a machine that can print in real-time. “We will be able to create custom messaging in one day. You can add stickers, inserts, anything they’d like to make their customer’s experience with their shipment more personal.”

The Fulfillment Lab, Inc. is a global company with fulfillment facilities strategically placed throughout the United States in Florida, Utah and soon - Ohio. Nelson is placing importance on the reputation of the companies they serve. "We want to ship products to people from reputable companies. We know the quality they have put in, but you can't know everything. There is a human element to this business. We will always reach out to people and have a meeting if they want one. We believe that the customer wants it the right way and they are all different. At the end of the day, we want to do this. It’s difficult and it’s fascinating. I have eight years of grind and will continue to challenge myself, my staff, and my system. It’s never good enough. We will always reach out to consumers to help them if there is a problem,” he said, emphasizing his drive for perfection.


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