Make Memorable Unboxing Experiences With Our Kitting Service

Simplify your shipping process with kitting services—we’ll assemble your order, and help you create unique customer experiences effortlessly.

Why choose The Fulfillment Lab for kitting services?

  • Streamline shipping with delivery from multiple vendors to one location—we’ll handle assembly and shipment.
  • Help your business stand out with custom branded boxes, not the bland, brown, and boring.
  • Provide the personal touch through unique SOPs that allow you to combine multiple SKUs for different customer profiles, products, and more.
  • Boost business with kitting services anytime with a 30-minute onboarding process and integration wizard.
  • Expand business offering with subscription boxes and other premium merchandise opportunities—we’ll put it all together into individual packages
  • Track kitted products easily through our portal and keep a bird’s eye view of your order at all times.
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What Kitting and Fulfillment Services Can Do For Your Business



Of U.S. customers say they recommend products that arrive in branded packaging



Say they’ll share an image of a package on social media—if the packaging is branded



Say they are more likely to buy a product that arrives in premium packaging



Google searches for unboxing videos



Views on YouTube of unboxing videos with branded packaging

The Importance of Kitting Fulfillment Services

Grow your business and deliver more than merchandise with your own kitting fulfillment services. Boost brand visibility with custom labeling and packaging, quality control, and kitting services that expand your offerings and your footprint. Easily assemble subscription boxes and other value-adds for your buyers with our kitting assembly services.



Protect your merchandise and brand reputation with inspections for quality control.



Ship what you need, when you need—we provide all the packaging materials.



Keep inventory management simple when you pack and ship with The Fulfillment Lab.


Custom Labeling & Packaging

Stand out from the competition with custom labeling and packaging, delivered at mass volume in only a few hours.

How Your Business Benefits From Custom Kitting Services

Kitting in logistics can be a hassle—how do you stand out from the crowd and handle volume surges? The answer: Working with The Fulfillment Lab.

Cut costs and rest easy knowing that your premium kitted goods are handled by trained and experienced employees. And did we mention you can get your own branded packaging?

Brand Out & Stand Out

Make your brand stand out with various types of customized packaging. No matter the shape of your products, we’ve got packaging to accommodate.

Boost Brand Awareness

Enhance your marketing strategy and expand brand awareness with branded packaging and transparency throughout the shipping process. 

Improve Customer Experiences

Personalized packaging tells your customers they’re ordering from a business that cares. Cultivate brand loyalty while protecting your merchandise—all with your own branded boxes.

Customer-Driven Fulfillment Marketing & Kitted Products

Cut costs and meet customer demands with tailored order fulfillment. 

Is a customer celebrating a birthday? An anniversary? Offer tailored discounts with inserts based on collected customer data. Improve customer retention with these personal touches in your shipped kits.

More Than Fulfillment—Fulfillment Marketing

eCommerce fulfillment needs to offer more than sending out merchandise in plain boxes. Your customer’s experience starts with the packaging—and that’s your first step toward making loyal brand advocates.

Leverage Customer Data

Delight customers with customized inserts and offers tailored to their shopping and personal history. Offer a discount when their birthday is coming up, or create another customized coupon for their next order.

Easily Combine Multiple Parts Into One Package With Trackable SKUs

Easily track your kitting operations when SKUs are combined into a new product. 

We kit everything from electronics kitting services to gummies and nutraceuticals. That’s just the beginning of how we save you warehouse costs and space.

Cut Warehouse Space & Cost

Eliminate the need for local storage when you work with The Fulfillment Lab’s pick and pack services. We’ll take care of putting your merchandise together—you focus on running your business, saving money and time.

Reduce Packaging Costs

Reduce the cost of packaging with kitting solutions tailored for your merchandise. Nothing goes to waste.

Get Rid of Surplus and Obsolete Inventory

Keep and use only the inventory you need by ordering exactly what you need from supplies and letting us handle kitting logistics and distribution services. 

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Boost Brand Awareness and Business With Fulfillment Center Kitting and Assembly Services

Get back to what’s important—running your business. We’ll take care of shipping.
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Kitting Fulfillment Service

What is the Process of Kitting Services?

Kitting services have to do with the process of assembling products from individual components. Kitting typically involves combining multiple items into one assembly, or kit. The purpose of kitting is to make it easier for customers to purchase and receive all of the items they need in a single shipment, while also improving cost savings on inventory levels and labor costs.

Kitting can be done in-house or outsourced to a third-party supplier. When done in-house, the manufacturer assembles the kits themselves. When outsourced, the manufacturer contracts with a supplier to assemble the kits for them. In either case, kitting can save time and money by reducing inventory levels and shipping costs. It can also help reduce manufacturing lead times.

What Are Kitting and Fulfillment Services?

Kitting and fulfillment services are a way for businesses to outsource the assembly and shipping of products. Kitting services involve taking individual items from multiple suppliers and combining them into one package. Fulfillment services take care of the entire shipping process, from receiving orders to packing and shipping items.

Many businesses find that outsourcing these tasks is more cost-effective and efficient than doing them in-house. Kitting and fulfillment services can save time and money by streamlining the assembly and shipping processes. They also offer businesses the flexibility to scale up or down their operations.

What is a Product Kitting Service?

A product kitting service is a business that assembles custom product kits for its customers. It might provide a kit for a new baby, for example, that includes a crib sheet, a blanket, and a stuffed animal.

A product kitting service can be very helpful to customers who want to purchase several related items at once, but don't want to spend time shopping around for them. The service can also be convenient for customers who want to give a gift that is tailored to the recipient's specific needs or interests.

How Can Kitting Fulfillment Services Help With Customer Retention?

First, kitting services help businesses to provide a more customized experience for their customers. This increased level of customization can make customers feel more valued, which can encourage them to stay loyal to the business. 

Second, kitting services can make it easier for businesses to keep track of what their customers want and need. This improved level of customer insight can then be used to create even more customized experiences for customers, which is likely to result in higher levels of customer loyalty. 

Third, kitting services can help businesses improve their turnaround times, which can lead to happier customers and higher rates of customer retention.

How Can I Get Help Sourcing Products for My Kitting Service?

1. Look for suppliers online for your custom kitting services. There are many websites that list suppliers of various products, or you can search for specific products on Google.

2. Contact trade associations in your industry. Many trade associations have lists of member companies that supply products or services to their industry.

3. Ask other businesses in your industry for recommendations. Chances are, someone else has gone through the process of finding a supplier and they will be more than happy to share their experiences with you.