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Modern eCommerce businesses move at lightning fast speeds, so we built a shipping software platform that moves just as fast. We're excited to introduce to you our very own Global Fulfillment Software (GFS™).

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Order Fulfillment Software That Empowers Your Online Store

With GFS™, you can quickly integrate your eCommerce platform and set up your fulfillment logistics. It only takes a few minutes, and then you can begin to manage inventory, track orders, customize packages, and much more. Plus, with the ability to make last-minute edits, add customer service delays, and other eCommerce services, you can tailor the entire fulfillment experience for your customers.


Set up your account

Connecting your online store with GFS™ is easy. We offer turnkey integrations with every eCommerce platform so importing your products is a cinch. We’ll even track your setup progress!


Choose your fulfillment center

Based on your location, our system will provide the most strategic fulfillment center options from our 14 domestic and international locations. This will help reduce shipping costs and improve overall delivery speeds.


Customize your fulfillment

Now it’s time to get creative! Choose customized packaging and inserts, shipping labels, and packing slips to enhance the customer experience and boost brand loyalty (and maybe become the star of the latest viral unboxing video!)


Manage your shipments

How would you like your orders shipped? With same-day order processing, we pick, pack, and customize your order the same day you place it.  Even better, your customer will receive their order in three days or less.


Track your shipments

Our 3PL services give you end-to-end visibility throughout the entire fulfillment process: when a product was shipped, how it was shipped, it's origin, transit milestones, and destination. And, your customers will get the same transparency!

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Innovative Warehouse Fulfillment Software Delivering Memorable Customer Experiences

Fulfillment can be a complex, time-consuming task when you’re relying on those other guys with outdated order fulfillment software, messy processes, and generic packaging offerings. At The Fulfillment Lab, we do things a little differently…actually, make that A LOT differently! Our cutting-edge shipping software is paired with 24/7 support and personalized service from real people—not robots—who care about your business and its products.

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