3 Reasons to Start an Affiliate Partnership with The Fulfillment Lab

Entering into an affiliate partnership can be a quick and easy way to create valuable business partnerships and drive additional revenue—without taking on the costs and hassle of actually selling a product or providing a service yourself.

So, while affiliate marketing has an undeniable draw for those looking to increase recurring residual income online, getting involved won’t be successful unless you’re joining a reputable affiliate program. After all, you’ll only earn the high commission you’re looking for if your customers actually want to buy from the company you’re referring them to!

That’s why The Fulfillment Lab created its referral program with you and your customers in mind.
But what makes ours different than the rest? Here are three key reasons why entering into an affiliate partnership can result in additional value and higher profits for everyone involved.

It’s Simple to Reap the Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

We know you and your customers are busy, which is why we’ve created an affiliate program focused on speed and ease. Once you sign up for our program, we’ll send you resources that can then be directly shared with customers or contacts in your database. When our resources become your resources to market and sell with ease, you don’t have to spend time writing and sending emails or promotional materials on our behalf — you’ll just reap the benefits.

Plus, you’ll have your own unique affiliate code that is automatically populated and can be quickly forwarded and shared. When one of your contacts signs up using your code, you’ll get credit and start earning commission as soon as they begin shipping — and every time after that!

Once signed up for our services, customers will experience the same simple processes and fast results. Our proprietary fulfillment software allows them to start utilizing our fulfillment capabilities in a matter of moments, not days.

All they need to do is:

  1. Make an account on our online portal
  2. Fill out some simple information about their products
  3. Seamlessly integrate our software with their online shopping carts

They can even create custom pieces such as boxes, labels, inserts, and coupons with quick turnaround time. This is all possible with just a few clicks, helping your customers quickly see the value you’ve provided by referring them to The Fulfillment Lab. These are just some of our solutions that will make your customers want to do business with us—meaning more affiliate commissions for you!

Everyone Involved Drives Additional Profits

An affiliate partnership with The Fulfillment Lab is a speedy, simple, and streamlined way for all parties involved to drive additional revenue. Once you’ve passed along your recommendation to your contacts and they sign up, your work is done. With mass volume profit sharing, you’ll continue to earn lifetime commissions each time they ship, meaning an additional revenue stream for you without any additional effort! Signing up for our fulfillment services will also result in higher profit margins for your customers.


With our white and private label manufacturing capabilities, your customers can quickly add branded products that complement their existing line—without having to purchase or store them themselves. Online buyers can then immediately add these complementary products to their shopping carts with just one click, making each sale more profitable for you and valuable for them. Plus, your customers will be able to create customized packaging that aligns with their brand to help them differentiate from other online stores and create a more personalized customer experience. This can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, which means higher sales and profits long-term. When your customers are able to drive revenue thanks to a solution you provided them, they’ll thank you by sending even more business your way—creating a cycle of higher profitability and better business partnership for everyone!

An Affiliate Partnership Means We’re All in This Together

Our affiliate partnership is unique because it’s just that—a partnership. We know that if we all work together, everyone can achieve more and meet their business goals sooner. We’re always available to chat or assist you when needed, which is why we hold regular meetings with our affiliate networks to ensure we’re all on the same page and gaining additional value that leads to quick wins.

You can book a meeting with Jelani at any time to discuss.

Why are we so proud of our partnership program?We're gaining value by attracting new customers to our business. You’re gaining value by being able to leverage our business model to make money. Your customers are gaining value by being able to have peace of mind that their products are getting out. Their customers are gaining value by having their packages delivered safely and on time. 

Our success means your success, and by joining our affiliate partnership, we can all get there faster—and together!

If you’re interested in starting a valuable affiliate partnership with the Fulfillment Lab, reach out to us today! We’re ready to help you drive profits and better satisfy your customers with ease!


3 Reasons to Start an Affiliate Partnership with Us

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