How to Elevate Your Brand Through Custom Packaging

There are millions of eCommerce businesses out there that are all competing for the same consumers' attention. This means your brand needs to be able to stand out in order to be truly successful long-term. 

Sending your products in generic brown boxes just won’t do the trick. It creates an un-engaging, impersonal customer experience that’s just downright boring. So, it’s time to take a new approach—leveraging customized packaging for your business! But how can custom shipping boxes elevate your brand?

How Custom Packaging Can Elevate Your Brand 

It may often be overlooked, but box design matters. Why? Here are three key reasons to leave boring brown boxes in the past and turn to custom shipping boxes.

Personalize the Customer Experience 

Modern consumers want to buy from brands they feel they can have a deeper, long-term relationship with. They’re not choosing to buy products based off of price or features alone—they’re buying into the brand behind them. So, it’s no longer enough to just offer quality products. Consumers want to associate with brands that they actually like or feel a connection with. For this reason, brands that make a point to effectively engage with consumers throughout the entire purchase journey are more successful. This has caused a shift from focusing on products to focusing on developing customer relationships and brand associations. Order fulfillment is an important part of the process. 

Especially for eCommerce businesses where the first tangible experience you’ll have with a customer is your package arriving at their door, order fulfillment can have a huge impact on the customer experience. While boring, generic boxes will leave customers unexcited about your brand, a custom-tailored, fun, and exciting user experience will make an impactful first impression. This type of engaging customer experience will satisfy your customers and help them build a more personal connection with your brand!

Build Long-Term Brand Loyalty 

What happens when your customers feel a personal connection to your brand? They’ll want to keep buying from you again and again—without any interest in even looking at the competition. This will lead to lots of repeat sales over time from existing customers, plus a higher dollar amount per sale. In fact, 43% of customers will spend more money with brands they’re loyal to!

This is so important because generating repeat business with a satisfied customer is a much faster, easier, and less expensive process than convincing someone new to buy from you for the first time. So, using custom packaging to deliver a user experience that better satisfies your existing customers and makes them want to buy from you again and again is incredibly valuable. 

Attract New Customers 

Custom packaging doesn't help you satisfy your existing customers—it helps you attract new ones, too. Think about it this way: no one would ever look twice at a brown box in a sea of other brown boxes on a doorstep. But, a unique box design could stop someone in their tracks and make them ask, “Hmm, what is that?” This curiosity can lead them to look up your website or social pages and put their own order in because they want the same fun, personalized, and engaging experience. In fact, a survey from Dotcom Distribution found that premium packaging makes a brand feel upscale and builds up anticipation for delivery.

The bottom line? Custom shipping boxes can effectively boost your brand awareness and amplify your brand reach. This makes it possible to build your business into a recognizable brand and expand your customer base. The result? More sales and revenue for your business!  

Build Your Brand Through The Fulfillment Lab’s Custom Packaging!

Choosing an order fulfillment company that provides branding options can make all the difference in your customer experience. 

At The Fulfillment Lab, our comprehensive order fulfillment services are designed to give you nearly limitless potential for branding and customization—without sacrificing speed or scalability!

Ready to try customized packaging for your business? Contact us today with any questions or to get started. Or, you can even try out our proprietary software for yourself—it’s easy to use and allows you to get started with customized order fulfillment in just a few clicks!

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