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Order Fulfillment Software that Moves Fast

We understand that modern eCommerce businesses move at lightning speed, so we built a shipping software that moves just as quick. GFS™ allows you to quickly set up your fulfillment logistics and design customized boxes and labels so that you can start shipping your products almost instantly.

Plus, with the ability to make last minute edits, changes, add order delays, and more, you can tailor the entire fulfillment experience based on how you provide products and service to your customers.


Integrate your eCommerce store in minutes

Getting started is made easy with GFS™. Simply setup your account by connecting your store, importing your products, and following the steps until you reach 100% completion!


Send your inventory to a warehouse 
closest to you

With 2 domestic and 12 international fulfillment facilities, we will receive and store inventory strategically — to reduce shipping costs and increase the speed of delivery.


Bring marketing into fulfillment

Bring your marketing into your fulfillment through custom packaging to create an entirely new customer experience and increase brand awareness.


We’ll process customer orders in the same-day they were placed

Our technology-driven fulfillment software makes sure orders are processed immediately and get out the door to your customers in 3 days or less.


Order received

Orders are processed and sent with complete end-to-end visibility throughout the entire fulfillment process — to you for your customers.

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The Future of Fulfillment Has Arrived

Fulfillment can be easy—but not if you’re relying on those other guys with outdated order fulfillment software, messy processes, and generic offerings. At the Fulfillment Lab, we do things a little differently. Our cutting-edge shipping software is paired with 24/7 support and personalized service from real life people who care about your business.

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