Global Fulfillment Sourcing

Are you unsure of how to get started with manufacturing & importing?

The Simple Sourcing Solution is the best way to begin when you have a rough idea where you want to go but are unsure what to do first.

The Simple Sourcing Solution

Whether you are thinking about starting to sell online or in retail, the first step should always be to double check your future supplier. We help you find the best manufacturers that allow small quantity production.

Our starter package provides you with a quick, cost effective, all-in-one import research. Learn what product variations are popular in the market, what price your product is selling at and what the time trends are. Be sure that you don’t miss any opportunities with respect to potential manufacturers, which brings not only better prices but also more customization possibilities and better quality!

Why Our Simple Sourcing Solution?

Get a head start by knowing the best product at the best price when starting out. Analyze how much it costs to manufacture the item you have in mind. Additionally, you will have a manufacturer at hand that can make your product and offers the customization you need. We check your future supplier for their credentials and experience so you know that your order will be in good hands.

When you want to start your own brand or strengthen your existing brand, it is crucial to build it on a strong foundation. Product & supplier research are at the heart of import preparation. When people look into how to find a manufacturer or how to find a product, they often just base it on a quick online search. Don’t be fooled by claims that manufacturing and importing are easy-going. Extensive individual research is essential.

How it Works


Find the Best Product

You suggest a product category that you think has potential. This could mean that the functionality can easily be adapted, that designs can be improved or simply that prices charged are seemingly too high. In turn, we provide you with information about the most common existing product specifications for your product idea. Furthermore, we give you insights into the most important market trends. Average sales, sales trends, average price charged and price trends are incredibly important metrics that your business decisions should take into consideration.


Get the Best Price

How much does it cost to manufacture the product that you just verified the market for? We compare numerous manufacturers not only with respect to price but also regarding their quality, service level and customization abilities. Finding a good manufacturer is more than comparing prices, other factors can outweigh more cost-effective offers. It has to be taken into consideration that you probably want to start out with small yet customized orders. Minimum order requirements vary. Connecting it to the previous market research, you can decide how to position your product in the market.


Verify Your Source

We conduct an extensive due diligence for the manufacturer that you think is most appropriate. The legal status of the company is reviewed, their experience verified and relevant certifications are double checked. Get a detailed report and all information is naturally disclosed!

Additional Services

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