On-Demand Label Art Guidelines


General Layout + Setup

  • Artwork should be created in Adobe illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop and submitted as a high-resolution PDF file.
  • The fact panels are not to be manipulated.
  • Artwork should be created to the size of the finished label.
  • All label text and art should be thoroughly proofread prior to submitting files for approval.
  • Copy, logos, and graphic elements that do not bleed should be 1/16” away from the edge of the label.
  • A minimum of 1/16” bleed should be used on any graphic elements that extend past the edge of the label.

Fonts + Texts

  • Copy should be 4pt or greater in size.
  • If copy is reverse, it should be 6pt or greater in size.


  • All images should be scaled in their source application and placed on the label at 100% of size.
  • Rasterized images should be at least 300dpi or higher.
  • Bitmapped images should be at least 1200dpi or higher.


  • All barcodes should not be reduced more than 80% or enlarged more than 120% of their original size.
  • Barcodes require a “quiet-zone” of 1/8” (no print area to the left and right of the code)

Distributed By Section

  • The “Distributed By” information must include two ways that your customers can contact your company.
  • A valid mailing address must be listed – your TFL-provided return address will not be accepted.