Integration Assistance - Account Creation & Sign In

  1. On your browser, navigate to 
  2. Click Sign Up 
  3. In the Create your Account portion, complete all fields marked with an asterisk 
  4. Click Sign Up 
  5. Check your email inbox for the invitation email from GFS Notifications –  
  6. Gather the necessary information for completing integration: 
    • Customer Service phone number  
    • Company full address 
    • Credit Card or Bank Address Information for payment 
    • Ecommerce store URL/CRM login credentials 
    • Product names and SKUs 
    • Packing slip message  
    • Preferred containers 
    • First name, last name, and email address for all users needing access to GFS. 
  7. Follow the link in the email by clicking Activate GFS Account  
  8. Enter your email address and password 
  9. Click Sign In